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Featured Article: Are You A Nigerian? Study In Ukraine With Low Tuition Fees

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Study in Ukraine: Tuition fees cheaper  than most Private schools - Are you an aspiring Nigeria student who want to school in abroad? Study in Any Ukraine Universities for less fees and earn your certificate in no distance time. 

#Featured Article:
This article was written by: 
Ekeh Daniel Emeka
Mail to: dan_ekeh @ Lagos State
Tel: 09057930852
Bio Ekeh Daniel Emeka is a medical graduate of V.N Karazin University, Kharkov ,Ukraine. 

With great pleasure do I wish to enlighten as many possible, to the opportunity of Studying Abroad, precisely Ukraine. 
Study In Ukraine
Brief Of Ukraine
Ukraine, an Eastern European country, It's a beautiful place to be. I do miss being in Ukraine, especially, my beautiful family (DCLM Kharkov) over there, and my loads of Ukrainian friends, who are Svetlana and Sergey. A country with vast beliefs and cultures. For example, mouth whistling anywhere in a shop or restaurant  is a NO N0, as that act connotes that the whistler is wishing badluck, or bringing a bad omen to the surroundings.So, if you whistle in a shop, and they frown at you, that doesn’t make you a“nigger”, or them racists.

I learn about studying in Ukraine from a Jamb coaching class, we were about 10 of us who were interested, but majority of us couldn’t continue with the application, because it was a little bit complex, and frustrating. but thank God things are way simpler now, that's why I decided to write this piece of article to enlighten you up and to also enlighten those who are ignorant, and counsel those who are na├»ve to the processes involved.

Unknown to many, the tuition fees of most Ukrainian Universities, are less expensive compared to most of our Nigerian Private Universities. Universities in Ukraine offer varieties of courses in English Language, varying from Medicine, to Engineering, pharmacy, Computer Science Economy, Business Administration, Nursing , e.t.c. The Universities are also well recognized all over the world.for example, My University V.N Karazin University was founded in 1805, and has given birth to many scholars, Academicians and  graduated well over 150,000 graduates. V.N Karazin University is one of the oldest and most recognized in the whole of Eastern Europe.

What are the Requirement You Need To Study In One of These Ukraine Universities

The requirements are not tedious, as what is needed is your O’Level (WAEC) result of at least 5 credits in your major subjects, Maths and English inclusive, except for some few Universities, which demand for higher grades

In Summary, below is the step to step guidelines in processing your Admission in Ukraine

  1. Pass your O’Level(WAEC) Exams
  2. Get your International Nigerian Passport
  3. Get your Admission letter and Invitation Letter
  4. Apply for the acquisition of your Visa with your Invitation letter
  5. Get your Visa, buy a flight ticket, and zoom out.

like I earlier stated, things are way simpler now, and as for many who are very interested, feel free to contact me I do promise to answer in my free time, any question you’ll love to ask, and help out in every little way that I can.
God Bless Us all.
StudentsNG Team

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